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This is information for Bumin Hospital Seoul.

Joint, Spine specialized general hospital with 218 Beds

Specialized Center;Joint Center, Spine Center, Rehabilitation Center, Health Screening Center, External Wound Center, Hand & Foot Center, Artificial Kidney Center

Medical Team

  • Chung, Hoon-Jae Hoon Jae Chung, MD, PhD

    · President
    · Orthopedics Department

  • Han, Chang-Dong Chang-Dong Han, MD, PhD

    · President of Medical Affairs
    · Orthopedics Department

  • Jung, Taek-Gun Pil-sung Kim, MD, PhD

    · Vice-President of Medical Affairs
    · Orthopedics Department

  • Byung Jo Park Byung-Jo Park, MD

    · Head of Medical Affairs
    · Cardiology Department

  • Dong-Yeob Lee, Dong-Yeob Lee, MD

    · Chief of Spine Center 
    · Neurosurgery Department

  • Hyun-yul Yoo Chan-ung Mun, MD

    · Chief of Joint Center
    · Orthopedics Department


By Subway

Station Gate 5 ( Line No.5 )

From Kimpo International Airport

10 minutes by Taxi