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This is information for Bumin Hospital Haedundae.

Bumin Hospital in Haeundae , No. 1 Musculoskeletal Hospital in Asia

World renowned medical doctors provide the best care to patients with the state-of-the-art medical technology. Dedicated to treat the musculoskeletal patients, Haeundae Bumin Hospital is operates specialized centers

Haeundae Bumin Hospital is located at the heart of tourist mecca, Haeundae, where patients can enjoy sightseeing with their families as well as receive medical treatment.

Medical Team

  • Chung, Hung-tae Hung-Tae Chung, MD, PhD

    · Chairman of INDANG medical foundation
    · Orthopedics Specialist

  • Kim, Hyung-Dong Hyung-Dong Kim, MD, PhD

    · President of Medical Affairs
    · Neurosurgery Specialist

  • Seung-Suk Seo Seung-Suk Seo, MD, PhD

    · President
    · Orthopedics Department

  • Cho, Jae-Young Jae-Young Jo, MD, PhD

    · Chief of Spine Center
    · Orthopedics Department

  • Sang-Hwa Eom Sang-Hwa Eom, MD

    · Chief of Joint Center
    · Orthopedics Department

  • Ji-Min Lee Ji-Min Lee, MD

    · Chief of Rehabilitation Center
    · Orthopedics Department

  • Young-Ji Kim Young-Ji Kim, MD

    · Chief of International Medical Center
    · Gastroenterology Department


By Subway

Haeundae Station Gate 7 (Line No.2)

From Kimhae International Airport

30 minutes by Taxi