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Spine Center

    We perform as a rule of Non-surgical treatment

    Minimally invasive spinal surgery

    Long-standing experience and expertise in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Accurate diagnostic process and
    total spine care system Performed over 149,000 spinal cases

    Clinical Statistics

    Clinical Statistics
    Spine Center 2017 Total
    Surgery 12,653 40,326
    Non-surgery 35,294 109,242
    Total 47,947 149,568

    Strategies of Bumin Hospital Spine Center

    • 01.

      We give priority to
      Non-surgical treatment and
      Minimally invasive
      spinal surgery

    • 02.

      When surgery is needed,
      we always perform Minimally
      invasive surgery

    • 03.

      We have long-time experience
      and skill of Minimally invasive
      spinal surgery

    • 04.

      Bumin hospital's spinal
      treatment is safe even for
      old generations(prevention of infection)

    • 05.

      Non-surgical treatment –
      Surgical treatment –
      Rehabilitation(Total spine treatment)

    The principle of Bumin Hospital Spinal Center

    • Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery
    • Non Transfusion Spinal Surgery
    • Zero Defect Treatment
    • Spinal Total Care System
    • Team Diagnosis and Team Surgery System
    • Treatment based upon Principle