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Joint Center

    “Minimally invasive and painless”
    Total Joint replacement

    Knee, Shoulder and Hip Arthroscopy

    Realizing the optimal results through state of the art equipment, world-class medical professionals and medical environment Specialized expert in Joint, Hip, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle Performed over 60,000 cases

    Clinical Statistics

    Clinical Statistics
    Joint Center 2017 Total
    Knee Surgery 4,892 21,034
    Hip joint Surgery 2,768 10,658
    Shoulder/Upper extremities 4,713 16,776
    Foot Surgery 2,683 11,568
    Total 15,056 60,036

    Strategies of Bumin Hospital
    Joint Center

    1. 1Our joint center is separated to give more accurate medical treatment as knee, hip, shoulder, ankle etc.
    2. 2We perform minimally Invasive total joint replacement and joint surgery with navigation.
    3. 3The specialist who has wide clinical experience give the medical treatment
    4. 4We have the sterilized operation room to minimize the prevention of infection which is installed the state of the art medical equipment and air filter(HEPA filter).

    The principle of Bumin Hospital
    Spinal Center

    • Tailored medical treatment for each grade of arthritis (early, middle, end)
    • Operate Non-surgical treatment system
    • Effective joint arthroscopy for each part
    • Minimally invasive surgery with navigation
    • Quick recovery and continuous following-up care (rehabilitation)