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Medical Department

Orthopedics (Spine & Joint)
Spine (neck, waist), Knee, Joints, Shoulder,
Ankle, Wrist, hip, etc.
Internal medicine
Digestive organ, Cardiovasology, Respiratory,
Kidney, Endocrine
General surgery
Laparoscopy, Large intestine and anus diseases,
Breast cancer clinic, Burning treatment, Surgery
Cerebrovascular, Cerebral infarction, Cerebral
hemorrhage, Dementia, Degenerative disease
Children and infants examination and treatment,
Respiratory organ, Allergy/atopy clinic, Digestive organ
and nutrition clinic, Growth and development clinic.
Menopause clinic, Gynecology examination and treatment,
Cervical cancer, Menstruation pains
Family medicine
Anti aging clinic, Obesity clinic, Aesthetic clinic
Prostate diseases, Urolithiasis, Incontinence of urine
Skin diseases
Health screening & promotion
Medical check up with state of the art medical
equipment for the early detection of cancer and disease.
Dental clinic
Oral surgery, Jaw joint treatment & correction clinic,
Implant, cosmetic, prosthetic clinic
Anesthesiology medical science
Pain clinic, Surgery anesthesia
MRI, CT diagnosis, Supersonic waves and other
special filming
Laboratory medicine
Examinations for detection, diagnosis and
observation of diseases
Surgery pathology, Texture pathology, Cell pathology